Technology and Services That Make Long-Distance Caregiving Easier

Long-distance caregiving is laced with challenges, but thankfully, we live in an era that makes it far easier than ever before. Thanks to modern-day technology and services, you have a wealth of resources that can make caregiving responsibilities lighter and dispel worries. Read on to learn how these tools and ideas can help you support your loved one from afar.

Activity Trackers

Sometimes seniors fall, they wander, or other concerns arise which are connected with age and health problems. With that in mind, an activity tracker can help you keep a virtual eye on things from wherever you are, allow your senior to summon help if needed, and many can even detect when something is awry. These devices come in small, unobtrusive forms, too. They might attach to a garment, be worn around the wrist, or attach to a shoe. It’s a solution that helps you monitor the situation with minimal intrusion.


Most of society has a smartphone in their pockets these days, but sometimes older adults are apprehensive about using them. Yet smartphones offer a world of possibilities in the way of communication and tools, so if your senior is slow to warm up to the devices, look for an easy-to-use version. PCWorld points out there are even senior-specific carriers—GreatCall and Consumer Cellular—that offer specialized features like an urgent-response button.

Mobile Applications

There is an app for nearly everything these days, including some that can help older adults with common needs. From finding their car in a full parking lot to medication reminders to playing their favorite tunes, there is truly a mobile app for all that. And perhaps best of all is the ability to talk with your loved one and participate in video chats. Being able to hear their voice and see their face can often tell you a lot about how things are going on their end!

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are small, affordable, and easy-to-use and offer several senior-friendly functions. These little gadgets can help seniors with everyday tasks, like remembering to take medication or pull something out of the oven, or they can help them look up medical information if they received a new diagnosis. It’s an easy way to check the weather forecast, or set reminders for appointments. They can even be used for keeping in contact with caregivers, so for those seniors who aren’t comfortable with using the phone, or who could use devices in different areas of the home, virtual assistants can be an ideal solution.


Between health and vision issues, many seniors need to limit driving or stop altogether. DailyCaring points out that one simple solution is to connect them with ridesharing services. Typically, arrangements are made through an app, but there are also options like Go Go Grandparent, which allows seniors to make arrangements by phone, and Uber similarly allows seniors—or their caregivers—to schedule transportation in alternative ways.

Food Delivery

Access to nutritious meals is a must at any age, yet many seniors struggle with getting to the store and lugging groceries home. Programs like Meals on Wheels can cover a handful of meals each week, but delivery days and areas are limited. An affordable meal delivery service is worth considering to fill in gaps, and another option is to check into grocery delivery. For instance, Costco offers grocery service in a wide range of locations, and you can even have same-day delivery with a minimum order of just $35.

Gone are the days when distance hobbled family members from providing proper support to their senior loved ones. Check into technologies and services that bring you closer to your senior, one way or another. Thanks to modern-day solutions, you can lovingly reach across the miles to ensure the best possible quality of life for those you care about.

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